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Tire Presure Indicator

2016 Trax LT
After rotating wheels, I thought I could re-learn their position without the special tool. Not true. Now when I click to the tire pressure screen, it shows it is in the "learn" mode. How can I get this reset, so the tire pressures will be shown?

I thought I had this already posted from my laptop, but it doesn't appear on the desktop computer.
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Found this in the 2016 Trax owner's manual. Sounds like not all of the steps were completed.

The TPMS sensor matching
process is:
1. Set the parking brake.

2. Turn the ignition to ON/RUN
with the engine off.

3. Use the MENU button to select
the Vehicle Information Menu
(Menu 2) in the Driver
Information Center (DIC).

4. Use the thumbwheel (or up and
down arrows) to scroll to the
Tire Pressure Menu Item

5. Press and hold the SET/CLR
button to begin the sensor
matching process.
A message requesting
acceptance of the process may

6. If requested, press the SET/
CLR button again to confirm
the selection.
The horn sounds twice to
signal the receiver is in relearn
mode and the TIRE LEARN or
message displays on the DIC

7. Start with the driver side
front tire.

8. Place the relearn tool against
the tire sidewall, near the valve
stem. Then press the button to
activate the TPMS sensor.
A horn chirp confirms that the
sensor identification code has
been matched to this tire and
wheel position.

9. Proceed to the passenger side
front tire, and repeat the
procedure in Step 8.

10. Proceed to the passenger side
rear tire, and repeat the
procedure in Step 8.

11. Proceed to the driver side rear
tire, and repeat the procedure
in Step 8. The horn sounds two
times to indicate the sensor
identification code has been
matched to the driver side rear
tire, and the TPMS sensor
matching process is no longer
active. The TIRE LEARN or
message on the DIC display
screen goes off.

12. Turn the ignition to LOCK/OFF.
13. Set all four tires to the

recommended air pressure
level as indicated on the Tire
and Loading Information label.
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At one time you could let air out of the tire, the computer would see that like the tool.

The change in air pressure was like putting the tool against the tire.

Try it, go through the steps, like listed, instead of using the tool (let air out of the tire) it took a few pounds of air going out to get it noticed.

Put more air in the tires before you start, keep letting the air out in a steady stream until the horn sounds, then move on to the next until the horn sounds twice at the end.

I bought my tool a long time ago I was shocked to see the same tool now selling for 500, I paid 100 for it in 2010.
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Sorry, my question was not clear

While my wife was shopping, I was trying to see what was required to relearn the wheel position. I do not have the relearn tool. So, obviously I was unsuccessful while sitting in the parking lot. Now, I am unable to get the screen out of the "relearn mode", without completing the task. Sure, I can scroll out of the command and see the oil life, but I can not read the pressure in any of the tires, as this feature stays in the relearn mode while scrolling through the various options.

I tried the "letting air out of the tire" and that too, does not work on my TRAX. Somewhere, sometime, I thought I read where a strong magnet might work. Answer on my TRAX = no. I hate to spend $80 for the tool. The dealer did my Cruise for free one day, so that is an alternative. Once again....I just wanted to get the screen out of the "learn mode".
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Try taking off a battery cable leave it off for 15 or 20 minutes, switch the ignition on then off, (with the cable off) that should drain any power stored.

If you don't get anywhere with that, then take it back to the dealer let him put it on the scanner.

When you are programming TPS if you make a mistake you shut the key off, that clears the system so you can start over.

If it doesn't clear there is definitely a car computer or switch problem, its not your fault it shouldn't cost you a dime under warranty.
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Exactly, not our fault. Owner's should be able to perform routine maintenance items at home without additional costs (tool , visit to shop). The sensors should be able to re-set after a rotation the same way the oil life is re-set after an oil change.
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The sensors do not need to be reset when they are moved, they will still read, just the location will be wrong.

If you do a front to back rotation when the computer tells you that the LF is low it will really mean its the LR, as long as you remember where you moved the tire you will be fine.

If you are going to use a different set of wheels with (new sensors then it needs to be reprogrammed to work,) it can't read the new sensors unless programmed in.

On a C7 Corvette you don't have to do a thing, the sensors reprogram themselves, this is the latest technology when it will move down to the lower priced cars is anyone's guess.

The whole problem here is the car won't come out of the lean screen which it should when you shut off the ignition.( I see that as a problem with the TPMS computer which is under warranty) get it repaired while the car still has a warranty later on you might not be able to get a freebee.

Back in 2009 I bought a new truck it was my first with TPMS, I took out the dash then put a nice square piece of electrical tape over the TPMS light I had that truck 3 years and 12K miles I never ever had a problem.

If this system dies for any reason I won't miss it, and it will not get repaired.

The system only effects is high performance vehicles it will limit those cars to 55 mph if it has a low tire, all it does on the TRAX is put on an annoying symbol on the dash panel.

I think they buried the TPMS computer in the car so people don't dig it out and trash it
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No Progress

Letting air out of the tire does nothing. Disconnecting battery and turning key on and off, to release stored power, does not reset the Learn Screen. I tried to start the process again by holding the end button in. After a few seconds, the horn tooted twice and the left front turn signal came on solid to signal the process is ready. That is when I tried the release of air, and the magnet trick. After a short period of time the turn signal turned off and the Learn Screen is still showing. Next step is the dealer. Still not ready to spend the $80 for a relearn tool. Just want to escape the locked up Learn Screen so I can check the tire pressures. Thanks for the advice. I will report later. Joe
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2016 TRAX LT I stopped by the dealer today to relearn the tire positions. I told him I could not get out of the "Relearn" menu. He said: "Just rotate the end knob", and it went to "Oil Life". I knew that. Now, the misunderstanding: My previous car was a 2013 Cruise. When the end knob is rotated, there is a screen that indicates the pressure is each tire. Evidently the Trax only turns on a dash light if one or more tire pressures are "low". It will not indicate the actual pressure in each tire on command. The Trax "knows" the actual pressure, because I have been getting a monthly Onstar report that tells me the individual pressures. I liked the Cruise instrument cluster better, but there are other features on the Trax that I like. You can't have everything. If any 2006 Trax LT owner out there can get the actual individual tire pressures to read out on the screen, please tell me how that can be accomplished. Thanks to all for your interest. Joe
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The Trax has that simple dash that my 2012 1lt Camaro had it was very limited in what it told you.

When I had my Trax as soon as we got a cold day my pressures went low, on my screen the TPMS showed me RR and RF were low, but I think it only showed one until you pressed the button to show the other.

It was last year when this happened and I can't remember exactly, I just added enough air to put the light out I run my tires a little low on air for a nicer ride, I do believe I had to put 34 lbs in to put the light out.

The Encore recommends 50 lbs of air in the tires, to me that is completely nuts I run those tires at 33
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