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Chevy Trax News The latest news coverage for the new Chevy Trax

2015+ Trax News

News on the 2015+ Chevy Trax
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Chevy Trax Forum — For everything you need to know about the new Chevy Trax!


New to Introduce yourself here!
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Chevy Trax General Discussion

Forum to discuss the 2015/2016 Chevy Trax.
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Chevy Trax Photos and Videos

Look in here for all the pictures and videos of the new Chevy Trax
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Chevy Trax Ownership Trax Pricing, Orders and Dealership Experiences

Chevy Trax Owners Check In Area

Did you just receive your brand new Chevy Trax? Make a post here and share the thoughts on your new ride. Congrats!
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Chevy Trax Dealers, Purchasing and Ordering

Forum for topics about purchasing an Chevy Trax. This forum contains pricing, dealer feedback, latest incentives, and ordering information.
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Chevy Trax Versus The Competition

Ask questions of Trax forum members about what the Chevy Trax is like versus it's competition. A great place for new buyers to find out more about the Trax.
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2015+ Chevy Trax Reviews

Forum to discuss media and owner reviews of the new Chevy Trax.
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Trax Fuel Economy Discussion

Concerned about mileage or curious of the Cehvy Trax's MPGs? All related discussions can be found in here.
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Warranty and Service Issues

Discuss any issues that you have had with your Chevy Trax, whether they were covered under warranty, what your dealer did to fix them, and how things have gone post-service.
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2015+ Chevy Trax Tech Section All Technical Topics For The Chevy Trax

Engines and Technical Discussion

Discussions of the Chevy Trax Engine and Powertrain.
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Tires, Wheels, and Suspension

All discussions of the Chevy Trax Suspension, tires and wheels
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Appearance & Body

Discuss general appearance questions, exterior modifications, and other exterior-related topics here.
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Forum for all interior-related discussions.
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Electronics, Audio And Lighting

Discuss all Chevy Trax electrical components, lighting and audio equipment in here
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For Sale/Trade

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Vendor Deals

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Chevy Trax Lounge Area Off Topics

Other Vehicle Discussion

Discuss any other makes & models of vehicles here
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The Car Lounge

Forum to discuss other Chevy cars, future Chevy models, and other cars of interest.
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  1. Engines and Technical Discussion
    Would it be OK to change the oil at either close to 0% on the oil life monitor or at 7500 miles as it shows in the owners manual? Using full synthetic ac Delco oil. Would it be better to use Mobil 1 oil?
  2. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    2019 Chevy Trax lt. What is the best and most budget friendly way to implement led lights into the headlight assembly?
  3. Chevy Trax Versus The Competition
    2019 Chevy Trax any way to calibrate the accelerator pedal so I don't have to press so far down to get the car to accelerate?
  4. first time poster here , I have a 2016 that I’ve already installed An aftermarket stereo for CarPlay . I have the stock usb working fine but was looking to either replace it with an aftermarket one (that has dual usb/hdmi /aux) but am not sure if anyone’s done it or how hard it is to swap out ...
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