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  1. Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hello, so I have a 2015 Trax Lt that the AC doesn’t blow. Before it would only blow if the knob was set to the number 2. Now it doesn’t blow at all. The AC line in the engine will turn cold or hot depending on of you have Air or Heat turned on but it will not blow. Any recommendations on what I...
  2. Engines and Technical Discussion
    I have a 2015 trax LTZ awd. I want to replace the spark plugs and coil pack but unsure of the proper torque specs for my trax and can’t seem to find that info. I did see a thread somewhere for an older model Cruze where they said 18 ftlbs but that doesn’t seem like a whole lot at all. Just want...
  3. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    I've tried searching for people who have had this same problem, but looks like I might be on my own. I've only had my Trax for a year, bought used from a Jeep/Dodge dealership. I noticed a few weeks ago as I was backing into my parking space at my apartment that going slow, with the wheel turned...
1-3 of 3 Results