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  1. For Sale/Trade
    We are looking to sell our 2015 Chevy Trax. Ok yr kids are getting older and we are in the market for something bigger. It has recently received a new serpentine belt, and belt tensioner. It has about 84,000 miles on it. The interior is in great condition, exterior is too as well. Can take pics...
    $12,000 USD
  2. Chevy Trax General Discussion
    Hello I have noticed my volume is not loud as it was when I first purchased my car. Any suggestions.
  3. Chevy Trax Owners Check In Area
    I recently started having trouble with my 2017 Chevy Trax. I took my took the Chevy dealership that turned out to be a nightmare. I’ve the replaced the Mass flow sensors, spark plugs, oil change and oil filter, front and backs brakes, air filter, had my fuel injectors cleaned. But my still...
1-3 of 3 Results