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  1. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    It's like I'm driving a whole new car! The MyLink in my Trax had locked up and was no longer responsive; as I had planned on replacing the stock radio for a carplay unit anyway I decided to just get it done sooner and this is the result. Been having a blast driving and playing around with it as...
  2. Engines and Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I kinda of want to swap out muffler to give the car a bit more noise. I noticed the Trax has 2 mufflers. A front and rear (right at the bumper. Has anyone here done any exhaust work on these cars? Wondering if 1 or both mufflers can be changed and/or removed. Is there any sensors or...
  3. Interior
    Hi, first post and Chevy trax 2017 owner! Guys i trying to deck out my trax. I looking Customize the interior and the body by adding some light touches of chrome. Those anyone have any links of where they got there stuff from and pictures of upgrades they did.