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  1. Chevy Trax General Discussion
    Can anyone recommend some good bright LED headlights that will work with my 2019 Chevy Trax and won’t mess up any of the electrical stuff or blow immediately not long after installation? I can’t see crap hardly with the factory headlights that came in it. Thanks, Chris
  2. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hi guys. Looking for a bit of advise. I have installed led position lights in drl socket and they blown fuse f4 to bcm. I obviously replaced them back to standard 580s. But now all lights come on as soon as car ignition is on. Drl seem to have stopped working. And is not switching automatically...
  3. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Does any one know of a wire in the engine bay area that can tapped into power easily. I have qualms about tapping into factory wires, so I would be prefer to make a short harness that I can tap into. Make a small harness between 2 connectors if you will. I had debated the headlight connector...
1-3 of 3 Results