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  1. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. Recently I’ve been having trouble with my stock 2019 MyLink radio screen. One day it randomly went black, no CarPlay no back up camera on the display. The radio still has sound via bluetooth and USB and screen is still responsive, I can touch it and...
  2. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    I've been using this Trax for years now without an issue. I usually connect my phone via bluetooth so I can listen to music. Recently (as in the last few months), the MyLink infotainment system keeps freezing. It will boot up onto the FM radio screen and then sit there, no matter what tabs I...
  3. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hello, My car battery died so I just had it replaced a few days ago, but ever since the new battery was installed, my screen won't turn on at all. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!
  4. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hello Fellow Trax Enthusiasts! I recently purchased a 2016 Chevy Trax yesterday. I know that there is no Android Auto or Apple Car Play for the 2016 year. Has anybody been successful at updating the firmware for MyLink or hacking it to be able to put Android Auto or Apple Car Play on it to...
  5. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    It's like I'm driving a whole new car! The MyLink in my Trax had locked up and was no longer responsive; as I had planned on replacing the stock radio for a carplay unit anyway I decided to just get it done sooner and this is the result. Been having a blast driving and playing around with it as...
  6. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Sorry if this has already been address; I've tried searching the forum but was unable to find any posts that had answered most of my questions but hoping someone with experience can help? The MyLink infotainment system on my 2016 Trax is awful and I'd love to install a new unit that has Apple...
1-6 of 6 Results