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  1. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. Recently I’ve been having trouble with my stock 2019 MyLink radio screen. One day it randomly went black, no CarPlay no back up camera on the display. The radio still has sound via bluetooth and USB and screen is still responsive, I can touch it and...
  2. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    hey everybody i install new multimedia in my car but before that my parking sensor dosent work and i hope the new one will fix it but it doesn't , i cant enable the function of parking assist on ther rear camera working properly anybody encounter this problem ? if do how do you fix that ?
  3. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hi! I was wanting to upgrade the radio for my 2016 Trax, it seems like a lot of parts are needed for it. I was wondering if I needed to do an aftermarket radio and get all the required cord for it Or if I could just purchase a 2017/2018 Trax radio. I would assume the connections are the same...
  4. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    So I've had my 2018 Trax for about a year now. And I recently got pulled over and was told my taillight and plate light was out. I changed the bulbs and nothing. My brake light works & the reverse light works as well as the turn signal works. Pulled the taillight lamp out and noticed rust on the...
  5. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    I had the same issue as someone else here... Best way to describe it, it’s like the screen is locked. I’ve read the issues where people eventually lose functionality of the screen – first it “gets stuck”, then suddenly the backup camera stops working, then the screen just goes blank. The...
  6. Chevy Trax General Discussion
    Hello I have noticed my volume is not loud as it was when I first purchased my car. Any suggestions.
  7. Chevy Trax General Discussion
    Is there a way to put Netflix on my 2021 Chevy Trax radio? And if so how do you do that?
  8. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    It's like I'm driving a whole new car! The MyLink in my Trax had locked up and was no longer responsive; as I had planned on replacing the stock radio for a carplay unit anyway I decided to just get it done sooner and this is the result. Been having a blast driving and playing around with it as...
  9. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    So, I recently purchased a 2019 Trax and I can't get the radio to stay off. It automatically comes on when I start the car. Annoying. Is this a defect or a "convenience? I've found a similar thread in here but I can't seem to find an answer. Thanks for any help you can give.
  10. Chevy Trax General Discussion
    Hi All - On my 2020 Trax, I was driving to work a week ago listening to a podcast. The last words spoken started to repeat in a crazy pattern for a couple of seconds and the entire entertainment system shut off, no lights showing. I continued driving and after about 5 minutes, the Green LTE...
  11. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Due to a little mishap with the garage door, I broke the antenna off the roof and cracked the base. I know how to replace it and have found the parts, however there are two options - with or without digital audio. Is there a way I can tell which one my trax currently has? I'm a little stumped as...
1-11 of 11 Results