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  1. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    I have a 2016 Trax LTZ with the Bose upgrade (and amp). One of my friends gave me a sub and amp to hook up in my car. I started working on hooking it up the other day but ran into some problems as the OEM (stock) radio didn't have the plugs needed for the wires (going off what my buddy said). I...
  2. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    So I recently purchased a 2019 Chevy trax LT a big upgrade from my 2003 forester. So I had a subwoofer setup in my forester that consisted of a pioneer head unit a 2000W boss audio amp running two bridged pioneer 12s in an enclosed box (custom box for fitment). Now after having the trax for...
  3. Electronics, Audio And Lighting
    Hello everyone, im new to the Trax family as im coming over from a BMW so its quite the change for me. I just recently took my subwoofers out of my bmw to get ready to sell the car and im looking to put them back into my Trax as its my everyday vehicle and the bass is important to me. My only...
1-3 of 3 Results