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Not sure if new vehicles have this capability.

I have a 2013 Trax with the in-dash screen.

I would like to try and see if I can get it to mirror my Google Map app off my iPhone. Has anyone been able to do this on an older Trax like mine? I would imagine that newer models with Apple Carplay can do it, but just wondering if there's another techie way I can hack my car.

While connected either by Bluetooth or USB, I can't even get Google Maps to sound out directions as a voice over my speakers.

The speaker will pick it up and read out the first direction, and maybe one or two more, but that's it. Then it conks out and the music will pause in play AS IF the direction is being read out, but no direction is heard then the music cuts back in.

So basically it works, at first, then stops working.

A work around is that I drive with the phone turned up and just get the directions read to me off the phone itself, but I SHOULD be able to hear it through my speakers. I can play music off my phone perfectly fine connected via Bluetooth or USB.
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