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2015 Chevy Trax 84,000 miles

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had some engine repairs done at dealership (and water pump) and noticed that the dealership has this loose (the plastic grommet isnt pushed into the frame) and it keeps rising up when I push it in myself. Is this something I can get popped in myself or do I need to get the dealership to fix this?

I'm wondering if theres supposed to be a bracket with a bolt or screw behind the end thats popping up because in the night time pics there is an empty hole in the frame right behind where the air intake duct keeps rising up. Looking at parts online I've found the air intake but it does not mention any bracket that might slide in behind the right side of the air intake opening front to hold it down. When I pop the grommet (that keeps rising up) into the hole it rises back out again which makes me wonder if there is supposed to be a bracket on that side in the rear of the plastic grooves of that side of the air intake to hold it down?

Previous history of car:
previous repairs done in 2019 were: power steering leak, water pump, fuel pump, and power control module (pcm was covered by warranty at the time)


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