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has anyone else had this issue and had a dealer resolve it? I see many other Trax owners expressing the same issue with a gasoline smell. It has nothing to do with whether windows are up and sealed or anything like that at all.

It can be after idling, after a half hour of driving with or without windows up or not or whenever- no consistent time it does it. I am convinced somewhere in the vapor lines for fuel there is something that must expand with heat causing vapors to escape under the hood and then into the cabin.

My own dealer had it overnight and then it would not repeat it. I come from the heavy truck industry and it is common to not be able to duplicate an issue and honestly you cannot expect any dealer to repair what is not currently showing symptoms especially if it is not the type of issue that throws a code into the computer.

Next plan- the dealer offered to keep it for several days- let a tech periodically drive it, let it idle and do whatever to try to have them smell the very strong odor of gasoline- it is not an exhaust smell- it smells like unburned gasoline. If anyone has had this solved, please share with everyone otherwise it has been a great vehicle, bullet proof in deep snow, sporty and great on fuel 30MPG range- Ours is a 2015 LTZ with around 39,000 miles on it and it has had this issue for at least the last 6 months.
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