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2016 Chevy Trax Introduced to the Philippines

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The Philippines has joined the US, Canada and Korea as a market for the 2016 Chevrolet Trax.

The reveal was quite a show (as you can see from the video below). It took place at "the country's hottest night life destination," the Palace Pool Club in Bonifacio Global City on October 14th. The reveal was attended by celebrities, media friends and fashion, art and music influencers.

The Trax is being promoted as a small crossover that is great for the busy city driving that is common place in Philippines, and also capable of carrying things like bikes and surfboards to the beach, another common destination for Filipinos.

The Trax is offered in two variants -- the LS and the top of the line LT. It also comes in 9 colors, and with a 5-year warranty and free 3-year 24/7 roadside assistance.

It will have a base price of P998,888.00.

Find about more information about the Trax at the Chevrolet Philippines website.
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Got a red velvet LS, has most of the features of the LT except for the arm rest, 16 in. wheels instead of 18 in., no Mylink and cruise control. Happy with the Trax.
i bought one, but... i and my dealer cant figure out how to switch off the Daylight Running Lamp while parked? any suggestion? All the suggestions like engaging the hand break dont work.
Did you twist the headlight switch to the left.

That should put out the lights.
Is the 5-year warranty and free 3-year 24/7 roadside assistance just something for the Philippines or is it an international promotion?
Bought the LT trim. However i find the headlights (Low beam) weak. The high beam point directly in the middle and does not illuminate the sides..
I installed brighter lights in my Trax, when I had it, I bought better bulbs it helped some with more light.
Nice which bulbs ?? Do you plan on going the HID route eventually ??
No I don't plan on going to the LED or HID in the future.

I used EXP bulbs that I bought at Advanced Auto they were the whitest brightest lights they had in the number I needed.

If I change the bulbs on my Encore, I will likely buy the 65W bulbs then cut out the tiny plastic divider to allow using them where the 2005 bulb would fit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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