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2016 Noisy Engine Rattle @ Idle

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I have a 2016 Trax with 320 miles on it.

The engine has a very noticeable rattle at Idle.

Does this motor have a timing chain or belt?

Is the engine direct injected? Loud pump?
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Is it definitely coming from the engine? Not quite sure what could be causing it
You may need to take it to the dealership.
Took the Trax to the dealer today.

They said it was the direct injection pump. They are very loud when cold.
Guess you'll have to start warming up your car before driving off. Thought that rattle only happened with older cars when it gets cold.
Hello-congrats on your new Trax,the engine has a timing chain,I would check with the dealer,is the idle rough,possibly a heat shield under the car vibrating, is it all the time or just early in the day 1st thing in the morning
Maybe check with another dealership for a second opinion.
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