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I have the same issue with my 2016 Chev Trax. Once the temp reaches 90ish, the A/C will blow warm air continually, the entire trip. I live in Bradenton/Sarasota, FL so about 90 days a year are over 90. When you go somewhere 20-30 mins away, in your properly serviced vehicle, you don't expect to arrive sweating, because the A/C has been on speed 2-3 the entire time. However, you will. Bought the car new. Around 45,000 miles this situation began with the A/C air temp.

I'm aware of the Service Bulletin issued that informs mechanics to not fill the A/C coolant all the way, as it creates this diminished A/C result. What shows Chevy really cares, is when you take it to the dealer to have them correct the manufacturer issue, and let some A/C coolant out of the system, they don't see why I disagree with being billed for the "fix". I'd do it myself, and if I did and messed something up, I would be ok with being billed.

So c'mon the right thing, and eat the cost to correct an issue to some defect in the Trax' A/C system. It's absurd to expect me to pay for diagnostic, and replacement of some possible problem parts, when all I'm asking for is to let some freaking freon(or whatever it's called now) out. If that doesn't fix the issue, then we'll start exploring. Due to the lack of care and uninterest Chevy has displayed, as of right now I'll NEVER buy a Chevy again. Doing things right, and thinking about the customer could create strong loyalty.....The decisions made regarding the whole situation will determine what vehicles I purchase in the future, and will demonstrate the truth regarding your value of customers.

Disappointed and very frustrated -- I've lost all confidence in Chevrolet & GM.....their lack of care, and rude treatment have pushed me to the point of never buying Chevy again.

Robert H
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