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Hi group,
I have a 2017 Chevy Trax LT with 52k that just seems to be cursed. I've posted on a few different Facebook groups and on Reddit with little success, so I was hoping somebody here might have some insight.
I got this car in March 2022. Didn't realize when I bought it that the powertrain warranty had expired 12 days prior. Ran great while test driving it and I got a list of repairs that had been done, felt pretty confident it was in good shape.
Fast forward a month, it broke down once, I repaired 2 recalls on it (purge valve solenoid, and lower control arms re-welded).
It's thrown me codes P0299, P0496, but is only currently showing P0132. It has definitely lost power, hard to accelerate, jerky, has trouble shifting gears. RPMs stay high until I floor the gas, then it will shift gears. I have a bluetooth OBD2 scanner, and I've been running some tests, but I have NO idea what any of it means. It's not receiving data from the Mass Air Flow sensor, and there's no data for air/fuel ratio?? I took it to the dealership a few months ago and they diagnosed the Wastegate Actuator was locking up, wanted $750 to replace it and $250 for diagnosis. I replaced that myself.
There's something wrong with the air intake/fuel injection but there's so many different components, I don't know what to check. I think it may have a vacuum leak?? No money really to take it to mechanic. Trying everything I can to fix it myself, or at least diagnose it so I don't end up paying someone for repairs I don't need.
Has anyone experienced similar issues, or have any insight from the attached photos?
I really appreciate any input!! Thank you.
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