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Hi my name is Harmony and I'm had an unexpected failure of my turbo exhaust system I've been reading the form and seeing that this has been a problem in the 2016 tracks and although no recall was issued in 2016 it appears the owners received a letter and forming them of a problem with the turbo on the 2016 tracks and when they took it for service it was repaired completely free. My question is has any 2017 tracks owner received a letter regarding problems with the turbo exhaust system and have any 2017 owners want to get it repaired and if so did you have to pay or was it repaired free due to Chevrolet's knowledge of a problem with the turbo. My engine light came on and this was the diagnostic code that they said appeared. The car was in someone else's hands for a couple of weeks and when it came back the engine light was on though I never had any problems with the engine light coming on prior to so took it in they said it's a turbo doesn't feel right but since I see that many other owners have had this problem shall I expect a recall or contact the NHTSA and file a complaint and request an investigation so that maybe it recall can issue just need some help they're asking me for 24 00 to repair this turbul exhaust system and I just purchased the car in September of 2021 and always maintained a regular maintenance schedule. In fact it had a maintenance schedule on December 3rd of 2022 and then on December around 20th that's when the engine light came on so if it just had maintenance wouldn't a failing exhaust be evident or is that something that just happens out of the blue. Answers to one or any of my million questions would be greatly appreciated thank you
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