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At low speeds I hear an intermittent clunk or knock sound in the rear interior. Ruled out loose storage area covers, something in the spare tire well, etc. Finally had someone drive it with me lying down in the rear with the seats down.
The clunk is either something inside the gate that has come loose or is the gate itself... loose latch?
Wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and if there's a way to adjust the fit of the latch to make it tighter?
It's just one of those "slowly driving me insane" kind of noises.
Never hear it at higher speeds and I can't make it happen by rocking the vehicle by hand. But at/below 20mph on pretty old residential roads and parking lots, it's really knocking around.
(I do think previous owner may have backed into something at some point, though everything looks flawless on the exterior. There is some patching of the spare tire well inside like it cracked maybe. Doesn't look like factory work.)
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