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2020 Trax awd no start after accident

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I buy and rebuild, got a 2020 Trax Lt awd 1.4 turbo (LUV) 6-speed transmission (MNK) Korea build date 8/19. All bags and belts blown, replaced everything with oem used or oem new parts. Very light front left damage no deeper then the headlight. I inspected the wires all around that area. After repairs were done I don't have any airbag codes and the airbag light is out. Codes I'm getting are U0073-00, U0100-00, and U0101-000. I was thinking power or ground loss to the ECM (wiring diagrams needed) or some sort of fusible link. I have Checked all the fuses in the 3 fuse boxes and on the positive battery post. Thanks for the help in advance.
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