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2024 Trax?

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Thinking about trading in my 2016 Trax on a new one. I have questions.
1. Is the 3cyl engine reliable?
2. We like the convenience of being able to park in a small space. The 2024 is longer and wider so wondering if this will be a problem.
I like the idea of having a larger center armrest with a storage area. I also like the fact that the rear seats fold completely flat when needed.
These are shipped from Korea with my dealer getting a few of them in about 2 weeks.
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They do look sharp! But no longer have AWD as an option? IF that is a need for you? AND the front seat no longer folds down, also!! That is a bummer!

Mine is a 2020. Been out on the market already for a few years, so hopefully all of any "bugs" have been worked out by then??

Being a first year vehicle .......YOU will be the "test bed" for any upcoming problems. I know nothing about the three cylinder engine. (yet!!).......

PLEASE keep us apprised!! If you pull the trigger on one!!!!
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