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A Family Man's 2016 Chevy Trax Review

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A family man by the name of Jo Borrás has reviewed the 2016 Chevy Trax and in his opinion, it is definitely not a family friendly SUV.

His youngest daughter was able to kick the back of his seat while attached to her child seat and this was after he had adjusted the seat to fit his 5'7 height and moving the seat close to the steering wheel.

Not sure how comfortable a rear passenger would be with the lack of leg room.

He also had trouble fitting a folding umbrella stroller into the trunk so it ended up in the passenger foot well. It would have fit is one of the seats were folded down but the other side was occupied by another child seat.

Do you think the Chevy Trax could work as a family vehicle?
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A small family, yes. A large or growing family? Maybe not. Definitely something to think about. It's really not the largest vehicle in the segment as far as cargo space goes.
I think one of his main concerns is the lack of leg room in the Trax as the child looks like she will barely fit in a few months time.
I mean you can see clearly that leg room is an issue. Just imagine if he wanted to bring the stroller, another kid and his wife. Would they all be able to fit? It's definitely something to think about before you buy.
The Trax works fine for me. I have two kids and they seem to love the Trax. My Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller fits in the back no problem. I am 5' 10" and when I'm in the driver's seat my girls seem to have plenty of room. It's no different than any other small car I've seen. It's a "compact" SUV...not and Tahoe...

See the pictures I posted.


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Guess his child car seats and stroller was on the bigger end of the spectrum. Good to know that the Trax is suitable for everyone including a family 2 kids.
Same here, two boys 9 and 13 never have they complained about leg room. Plus although a tight fit we manage to sometimes pack goalie gear in the back for hockey games. Just watch out for the stick next to my ear. I think the Trax works for most jobs, we knew its a compact SUV. We all bought it for the gas mileage, second vehicle, looks and a fairly comfortable drive. Oh, and the wife likes it; the best reason not to complain !
I don't have a family but I do haul things in my trax, I haul tires and wheels as well as building supplies.

Many times its not what you haul, it how you haul it, that makes the difference of it fitting in the vehicle.
We've got a 2016 LT and when looking, I saw it would be tough for 4 adults BUT, that's not what we bought it for. My wife and I wanted an economical small vehicle to use when there would only be two of us (running local errands etc.), . Truth be told, we have gone out to dinner locally with another couple and I move the drivers seat up some (I like it all the way back), and everyone is comfortable for the evening. It wouldn't make much sense to go great distances in the Trax, that's why we have a Subaru Forester that will soon be traded for a 2018 Equinox as our roomier transportation.
Size matters,
It's one of those scenarios where you should be taking your family with you to the dealership to see if it'll work out for you or not. Everyone really has different seating positions and different sized car seats and all of that good stuff, so it's really on an individual basis to go and check it out for yourself.
I'm 6' 1.5" tall and can sit comfortably in the back seat as long as the front seat isn't all the way back. That was one of my tests when I looked at the Trax. The Trax is definitely more comfortable than the Saturn Vue and Saturn Ion it replaced.
Good point about trying things out beforehand. Our family consists of two adults and two rescue dogs. When we bought the Trax, we took the two dog crates with us to make sure they would fit comfortably in the car. We've taken several vacation trips now and the Trax has successfully hauled all of us and all of our gear.
I just bought a 2017 mainly for work as an outside sales rep hauling around a lot of samples. I can fit almost all my samples in the small trunk as long as I stack them. But since I haul my family around at times also, I wanted to make sure they would be comfortable. There are 4 of us. Me (5' 8"), my wife (5"4.5"), my older daughter (5'7") and younger daughter (5'6"). We all seem to fit fairly comfortably in there. My daughters say it feels much roomier for them in the back than in the back of our 2013 Mercedes C250 which is a much longer car overall. I think there is actually more leg room in the MB, but the increased headroom gives them a greater feeling of space and they get less car sick in the Trax.
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