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Adding a subwoofer

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I have a 2016 LT with the Bose system. I want to add a subwoofer. With the Bose system all the speakers are powered. Accessing the amp is very easy in the wheel well. How can I get the wire master sheet to tell me what wires I can jump off of with out messing up the system? I just need a bit more bass. And it is an easy enough install. I just need to know which wires are which.
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*that little Bose wheel well sub just doesn't do it for me.
If you are wanting bass like would be able to get with rca outputs on the head unit to an amp, you need to bypass the Bose amp completely and use the vampire wire connectors before the Bose amp. This is because with the Bose, after half volume, your bass level will begin to decrease (automatically) to preserve the Bose speakers (OEM). So the way the Bose amp works is it processes the increased volume does not increase the level of bass to match.
I would trade my 2016 mylink with bose upgrade for a single din alpine h/u that doesn't even have Bluetooth capabilities in a hot minute.
I can turn the volume up in the Trax to the highest level and still have a conversation with the person in the passenger seat without having to raise my voice hardly at all. I am used to dual boxed 12" MTX Thunder subwoofers with 1000w MTX amp in a 2000 vw beetle that at half volume the bass makes it hard to breathe and feels almost like you're drowning from the vibration in your chest. It was pretty much a rolling boom box. I would estimate i spent max $400 audio system 15 year ago on the h/u and dual boxed subs and amp and all the wiring together, it easily still puts this Bose $1500 premium sound system to shame.
0/10 will never spend a single cent on anything Bose ever again.

I plan on getting a wiring harness adapter to use the Bose speakers (since i already have paid for them) but with an aftermarket h/u if I can find one that will do what I want it to do without having a sticker price of blood diamonds. I don't exactly want to start cutting/splicing factory wires in such a new vehicle. I'm sure they will come up with the adapter wiring harness sometime for the Bose, since it seems to be the factor causing a lack of adapter plugin ready already being mass manufactured by companies like Scosche and sold at Walmart.
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When i took mine on a test drive, i purposely adjusted the audio settings and turned on some hip hop just to see what it sounded like on the ride. Just running that let me know the Bose upgrade was unnecessary, as the OEM speakers in the LT were more than sufficient to me without the Bose addition. If i wanted to put $1500 into the Trax, it wouldn't be for a sub-par subwoofer setup and a hole cut in the roof. I felt the same money was better spent on AWD in my environment, given the randomness of the weather in Pittsburgh.

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Are using the stock unit (My Link) with these subwoofer? How's the song quality?

For me I'm in the process to change the unit. You can follow this post: Can we replace the MyLink stereo?
Where is amp located and color of wires for ant. remote,acc, battery, speakers all that cause I'm doing the same trying to add sub with a LOC
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