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Americans, Will you Wait?

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Curious to the Americans on the board, will you wait for the TRAX? Some of you may need a vehicle now, or need one during the winter. TRAX wont be int he show room until Q1 2015, but that can range anywhere from Jan to end of March.

Can you wait, will you wait, what would you get if not?
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As long as it doesn't get delayed (which would be surprising since its not like its really a new car,) I think that its not that long of a wait to wait until the beginning of next year. I've been looking into the Encore, which is the beefed up Buick that is basically the same as the Trax. The Kia Soul has also been on my list but I'm not sure about the styling of it. It gets good reviews though.
with so many good options that aren't really in this exact segment, i can see people moving onto something else. Plus those waiting for the trax that start to learn more about it might not like it enough to decide to move on.
I just don't see why Chevy didn't release this model in the US sooner. I feel like they missed out on so many sales.
Well its leaving us RAZOR thin. My wife is out of her Cruze at the end of January, and theres no guarantee TRAX will be ready in time...
Worst case scenario you might have to get a rental while you wait for the trax.
Worst case scenario you might have to get a rental while you wait for the trax.
That would be true dedication to the Trax. I don't think I would make that choice.
Yeah it is, all depends on what you want to do. Someone who likes the Trax a lot will see that it's worth it doing this.
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