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Hi everyone,
My wife and I bought a 2014 LTZ on Friday and on it's c. 90km drive home it dropped the plastic guard from under the engine!? :( - roadside assistance removed it for us, however we discovered one of the brackets is now missing. The two part plastic cover seems undamaged but is missing a lots of its push pin clips/screws and bracket bolts. I'm chasing details on what the part number for the bracket (pictured) is, and where I can source one from to replace the one that fell off on the road. Luckily the remaining one of the original two brackets was found on the top surface of the plastic guard when we pulled over. The dealership has offered to pay for replacement of parts and repairs. Hoping someone can assist.

Thank you.

Apart from that our car is wonderful. However this incident did take the shine off of delivery day.

Kind Regards,

Queensland, Australia.
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Somebody must have had it off and forgot to put the rest of the screws, because that is held in place in the front by six bolts. Are you sure the bracket didn't stay attached to the bottom of the vehicle? Unfortunately you can't buy the bracket separately unless you go to a junkyard. GM#42371767 Number may be different for Holden though.

You may also want to move the rattle foam down on the prop rod so if you accidentally drop it it doesn't chip the paint on the driver's fender.

Or even better add hood shocks.

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