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Automatic Shifting Issues

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So something weird happened the other day. I went to put my 2014 LT with 10,000 km on it into reverse and it wouldn't go. I let off the brake and reapplied and it went. But the problem was when I got to my destination it wouldn't go into park. I tried moving it and everything but no luck. I took it to the dealership and the service advisor confirmed. Once he wrote up my order he went to move the vehicle to a parking spot while it waited to be worked on and guess what it went into park. No problems since. Anyone else?
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Hmm that's weird.
It might be due to weather or might be an issue that shows up more now in colder weather if that's what conditions are like where you're located currently.
That scenario sounds like a problem with the safety mechanism that prevent unintended acceleration (have to depress the brake pedal). usually just pushing the brake pedal a few times does it.

Was the wheel turned? I know those things will lock out if the wheel is turned to far.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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