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Best spot for a GPS

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I use a Garmin Nuvi50 in the Trax. Found the best spot to use, not the windshield and store it. The sun glasses storage on the dash! Using Velcro on the top of the GPS and underside of the compartment lid, the GPS sits vertical, compartment lid shades the screen and when hitting bumps the lid floats up and down to absorb. The Velcro has never separated yet. Best of all the lid closes with the GPS stored inside it. The power cord will not fit in there for storage but, does fit to plug in when in use.
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Sounds like it works and looks great. I'd be happy to see a picture of the setup you have going on.
Nice find! That's good to know since from vehicle to vehicle it can take some time to find the perfect spot you stick to forever.
I don't suppose you can post up a picture of your setup?
Send me a PM and we can exchange emails. I can never attach pictures here LOL
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