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Blind spot light on mirrior problem.

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Wife has been complaining about the blind spot light on both side view mirrors lighting when there isn't anything there. I have now witnessed it myself on a highway trip many times. Is this something that needs fixed or reset? They do both work when a car is there int he blind spot, but also come on and stay on when the blind spot is clear.
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There was a GM bulletin on this I believe, something about reflective tape coming away from where it was glued. Or something like that.
Do you recall what TSB that was. My 2020 Trax will do that every now and again.
I really don't recall if I saw this on here or on Encore forum.
I can call the dealer next week and have them run the VIN. But it happens every time it's driven.. Good thing both of us don't rely on backup cameras or blind spot detectors.
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