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Cargo Space

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Lots of stuff
Travelling light is just not part of the agenda – at least not with Trax. It allows you to keep all your must-have gear with you on your exploits across the urban landscape, with 530 L (18.7 cu. ft.) behind the rear seats and a maximum of 1,371 L (48.4 cu. ft.) of space with the rear seats folded flat. The interior can be easily reconfigured to maximize versatility, thanks to the 60/40 flip-and-fold rear seat and fold-flat front passenger seat.

Lots of places to put It
It’s not just the volume of space that makes moving your stuff so easy with Trax. It’s also a matter of where you can place things to keep them close at hand. You’ll find a number of conveniently located storage areas, including one positioned in the middle of the instrument panel, in addition to a secure under-floor compartment in the rear cargo area. There’s also a front-passenger under-seat storage tray that’s standard on LT and LTZ models. For the ins and outs of city living.

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thanks for the info

hows the cargo compare to the competition?
Not bad at all, overall this should be practical enough for most people that buy it. Worst case scenario, get a roof top carrier.
Any way the " front-passenger under-seat storage tray that’s standard on LT and LTZ models" could be bought and installed in the LS model? Has any one done this?
I found the seat tray on ebay for sale.

If I get a chance later today I will see if my seat tray comes out, then see how the tray mounts, if it mounts on the seat rail without any other parts, your golden
If you look at the diagram, it looks like the tray, 10, works with that frame looking piece, 11, so that may be all you have to add to the existing frame and rails?

Its very hard to see the rails and spring steel clips that act as holders for the tray you push up on the spring clips to get the tray out.

If you look under your seat and see the clips you should be able to use the tray without doing anything else (the rails look like they are part of the whole seat frame they are not added on)

Look for those clips they must be at least 4 or 5 inches long if you have those then the rails must be there.
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So it's just a matter of buying the tray and sliding it in?
The product description doesn't have installation instructions but it seems simple enough from beeguz's explanation, so long as you have the clips and rails already.
There are no installation, just slide the drawer in on the rails, its like sliding a drawer back into your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity.

Please make sure the rails are there, my car came with the drawer, I removed it to show you the rails.
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