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Center Console MOD

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Just wanted to share with everyone ...

I purchased one piece from CarID's Dash Kit for the Center Console. I felt the Center Console was to dark at night. I wanted something to lighten it up. This (I feel) has done the trick. Let me know what you think.

Shout out to Victor @ CarID ... He helped me with my order. I got the product quickly. The install was easy ... basically peel & stick.


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It does help tie in the transmission shifter more with the floor console now. It does make it standout more, glad it was what you were looking for and were not afraid to try it..
Makes a big difference considering the price and ease of the mod. Thanks for sharing with us.
I like what you did there, which helped to complement the factory interior, some people go about these the wrong way but you got it on point!
It looks great after installation! Is it also easily removable if I decide to change the color later on?
The 3M adhesive has it pretty much permentatly attached. I think if I did try to remove it be difficult and could damage the console.

Im happy with it. So far anyone who rides in car can't tell it's aftermarket. Plus it's easier to see the cup holes at night ... Before it was just a blackhole.
That's too bad. I like changing things up from time to time but as long as you're happy with it. Are there any temporary alternatives?
I like that it looks good, this car needs some brightening in the way of dash and steering wheel trim.

The car looks too plain inside for my tastes, I think some aluminum trim pieces would help brighten up the interior.
You could also paint this piece like what they did in this other thread. I'm just realizing now that you can upgrade the look of the interior for a really modest price.
OhSoFLY did a very good job on painting those panels. If you're handy than by all means but I can't even remove the plastic cover off my Nexus 5 let alone the interior dash pieces of a Chevy Trax.
I can't see it being that hard to remove the plastic. I bet if you tried you'd impress yourself.
Looks good! I have a Silver Carbon Fiber kit on the way!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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