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Here's my custom Chevrolet Trax (Tracker) Sport Edition:

This is what I have done so far in my LTZ 2013 full extra:

•KN Filter.
•Front and rear PVC floor mats.
•Ultra Racing: front lower bar, front strut bar, middle lower bar, rear lower bar and rear strut bar.
•Iridium Spark Plugs.
•CardID Trailer Hitch.
•OEM Roof cross rack bar
•ATF Auto transmission Oil Cooler.
•x4 Windows visors.
•x4 OEM Mud Guards Flaps.
•Custom Trax Sport Aluminum Foot Pedal Set.
•C and B Pillars molding window plate mouldings covers set
•Mokka Side bars.
•Rear & Front Body Kit.
•99-04 Chevrolet Tracker Emblem Nameplate
•Diecast 1:18 GM Chevrolet TRAX 2013.
•Aeroskin Smoke Acrylic Hood Shield.


•Sound system (x2 amp, x4 speakers, x1 bass and Smarthphone compatible Unit (ie. Pioneer AVH-4100NEX). Car Radio Facia Panel Trim kit surround already purshased! Pending: PAC RP5-GM41 (must be on firmware version or newer to work!) and USB 2.0 A Male to Mini 5 pin (B5) Female Adapter to attach the factory USB cable to the deck. Thanks Goalcam for this :)
•Rear sensors x4.
•More wider tyres! (already came with 18" rims).
•Roof basket.


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Nice ride, if I do buy another Trax I know I want the LTZ AWD the next time.

I loved my LT but I like all the little nice things you get with the LTZ.

My Trax is only gone a few days I miss it, but its replacement is taking up the loss very well

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Is there a black piece above the grille, or is that a reflection of something out of frame?

I like many of the things that you have done though for me it might be a little much. Nice to see a Trax that someone has customized and made their own though.

The black piece is no more than the Aeroskin Smoke Acrylic Hood Shield :)

Can be found in Amazon....
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