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The Compass was actually one of the first players in this segment, It was funny Jeep was laughed at innitially when the debuted the compass and patriot, now it seems all the cool kids want to play in this sand box!

Exterior Dimensions


TRAX: 168.5 in
Compass: 175.1 in

Width (no mirrors)

TRAX: 69.9 in
Compass: 71.4 in


TRAX: 65.9 in
Compass: 65 in


TRAX: 100.6 in
Compass: 103.7 in

Interior Dimensions

Front Shoulder Room

TRAX: 54.1 in
Compass: 54.6 in

Front Hip Room

TRAX: 51.7 in
Compass: 52.3 in

Front Leg Room

TRAX: 40.8 in
Compass: 40.6 in

Front Head Room

TRAX: 39.6 in
Compass: 40.7 in

Rear Shoulder Room

TRAX: 52.80 in
Compass: 54 in

Rear Hip Room

TRAX: 50.20 in
Compass: 51 in

Rear Leg Room

TRAX: 35.80 in
Compass: 39.4 in

Rear Head Room

TRAX: 38.80 in
Compass: 39.9 in

Power Train


TRAX: 1.4L Turbo 4 cylinder
Compass: 2.4L 4 cylinder


TRAX: 138 @ 4900
Compass: 172 @ 6000


TRAX: 148 @ 1850
Compass: 165 @ 4400


TRAX: FWD (available AWD)
Compass: FWD (Available 4x4)

However one thing to consider is that the compass is an aged vehicle, however as it is outgoing currently healthy discounts can be had vs the new to US TRAX will likely be non negotiable for some time!

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What about the new Jeep Renegade? Overheard the guys at my local chevy dealer talking about it, seems like it could be a better competitor to the Trax
Find me the specs, they havent been released as far as I've looked. The Renegade fits in the same footprint and market slot as the Patriot/Compass, plus Renegade won't be available until early '15. So if you need a vehicle now Renegade is not exactly helpful..

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Trax seems more aimed at casual city drivers than the Compass which is still going for the standard Jeep off-road thing. People looking into the Trax could therefore go with the Jeep possibly, but people who are interested in the jeep I think are less likely to be swayed into getting the Trax.

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and I think thats why there is sufficient crossover between the two. I could see the Jeep traditionalist argument holding true if we were considering the wrangler or GC, but the Compass has always been shirked by the hardcore Jeep enthusiast...
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