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Chevy Trax MPG

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Now that the figures are out, I've noticed something interesting. The Buick Encore is rated at 33 MPG highway, while the Chevrolet Trax is rated at 34 MPG highway.

Why does the Trax have better MPG if the two drivetrains are the same?

My guess is that the Trax has less sound deadening and other things, which decreases the weight, and increases fuel economy. Any thoughts beyond my guess?

Trax: 26 MPG City, 34 MPG Highway
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My guess is as good as yours, which what it comes down to is weight. But i'll be more interested in seeing what real world mileage is going to be like.
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I would assume that the Buick Encore is a bit heavier with some more features and options. I think that that extra weight could account for the 1 mpg lost. I'm not sure though, just my guess.
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It very well could, i can't see anything else that would factor into the MPG difference.
there also might be some difference in it's drivetrain components that could factor in, but i could be wrong.
Are the drivetrains in the Encore different from the ones in the Trax? I thought they were the same.
I haven on idea if they're exactly the same, not sure if there's any reliable way to find this out.
How important is fuel economy to your buying decision? The Trax isn't the best in class but also is holding its own IMO.
It's important, but these days most vehicles have been brought up to really good MPG ratings so as far as selection goes...there's more to worry about, it can only get so bad in a segment like this.
My Trax gets pretty consistently 8.3 l/100kms but my Encore gets way better at 6.9l/100kms never reset from day one. My Encore is heavier by 300lbs but not AWD.
tire size. My '17 came with 205 70 16. Encore has 215 55 18. wider tire = more grip = decreased fuel economy. (rubber compound can also make a difference. stickier tires = better grip = lower fuel economy and faster wear)
Buick Encore stock tire size
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