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What I bought: no-name Android 10 powered head unit from Wostars

where I got it: Amazon

price I paid: about $180 shipped

First off, and to be fair to Wostars, all I really wanted was Mirrorlink. I realized the built-in navigation would come with complex and hard-to-use connectivity (this is not my first Chinese off-brand head unit), there would still be no CD or DVD capabilities, and for the price, I wasn’t expecting anything high end. It took about 10 days to receive the package, which from what I hear, is lightening speed considering it came from Hong Kong. I opened the package immediately, and made my first installation attempt the next day. Mind you, I’m an experienced installer and pretty tech-savvy for a middle-aged man, so the ridiculous installation manual didn’t bother me (it was a page and a half, and translated by a four year old with Turrets Syndrome). What did complicate things, was that they sent the wrong wiring harness (which also happened to @Traxy when he ordered his). This caused concern because, given this vehicle is literally the only one this radio will fit in, I would think a company with any kind of quality control would have known this.
So 3 and a half weeks later, I finally have the correct harness and I now have the unit installed. The factory GPS was as horrible as I expected, and I still have no idea how to change the temperature to Fahrenheit, but everything seemed to work ok (aside from the backup camera, but I knew that going in).
Then I tested the one thing I actually bought it for. I plugged my iPhone 12 into the USB cord, and opened the companion app as instructed by the horrible owners manual. My phone screen flashed on the HU screen, then an error message came across saying “Unregistered” and everything went black. This leads me to believe this company pirated the app, and that in the US, it cannot be used. Long story short, no Mirrorlink.
After SEVERAL heated exchanges with Wostar customer service, (they tried to get me to buy a WiFi hotspot device from them at one point!) they basically said there’s nothing they could do, and told me they would refund my money AFTER I shipped the unit back to them at MY expense.
By this time, I had already hacked the backup camera (thanks @Traxy !!), tuned it with the surprisingly good DSP software, spen about 3 hours and a billion Google searches to program the steering wheel CAN bus controls, downloaded a MUCH better GPS application, and waited 2 months, so losing more money and time was not an option for me.
Despite my disappointment at still not having Mirrorlink (I plan on contacting the company that created the supplied app to see if I can actually purchase it legally), the unit itself is actually pretty good! As I stated already, the supplied DSP software allowed me to tune the Bose system rather well and really makes it come alive at higher volume. After downloading a new GPS app, it has become useful and accurate for longer trips. The Bluetooth is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the old Mylink crap, and a billion percent more stable. It’s actually very versatile and has tons of setup options, and even the backup camera is totally customizable.
If I were to rate the Wostars company and the purchasing experience, I would give them one star…
If I were to rate the unit itself, I would give it four stars, losing one for the Mirrorlink issue. I like the unit a lot, but I’m still annoyed by this.
Please take this review with a grain of salt. If you are inexperienced with Chinese tech, you’ll need someone to help (please read Tracy’s Daisanto thread before buying! It’ll give you a pretty good idea what you’re in for!). I got what I paid for at $180 for a Navigation-ready head unit.
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