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Hello all.

Common error on Trax 2013-2014, about the electronic thermostat material.

Since two years ago, my Trax fan began to work immediately when turning on the engine and after turning it off, the engine fan continue working after 5 minutes. I needed to change the fan due too much use :(

Two months ago I began to read the CODE 89 error and after doing some research on the Internet, I noticed was the electronic thermostat got damaged. Reading many forums, it's a common issue from the above years the Trax models.

Calling the dealer they quoted me USD 500 including the repair (I know that the price is close in many other countries). The same electronic thermostat material: PLASTIC! Check this video (sorry, it's in spanish):

I searched on eBay and I found the same electronic thermostat, but in METAL material and in a reasonable price (USD 69):\.

...and instalation in a local car workshop cost me around USD30, but you can DYI.

Just to share my experience.



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