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Cold Air Intake

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I've seen a CAI on a Sonic and a Cruze, but what about the Trax?
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Does it look like it would fit in the space?

All the piping sizes should be the same as the sonic or cruze.
I'm strongly thinking about doing a CAI and an ECU flash I find mine takes too long to shift into 5th gear.
Have you looked into a Diablo tuner, they support Trax now.

I would buy the 2nd gen tuner, I have the first gen its slow.

Mine is the T1000 Intune, I used it on my C7 corvette it did help make the car feel quicker.
Anyone planning to do a short ram intake instead? Would be a nice incremental upgrade from OEM and not as hardcore as CAI. However I know some people are against short rams since they can apparently suck up too much heat?
How about heat wrapping the short ram, you can buy industrial wraps they use for pipes that are made to keep in or out heat.

Headder wrap is another choice what will keep in heat will keep it out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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