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Do I have to use Bringgo?

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I used bringgo for a while but can't believe it's now subscription only.

Can I not use another satnav provider through Mylink?
If so, how do I go about it?

I know I can use google maps but I would like to have satnav through my cars system as smartphones falling about the drivers well isn't very responsible is it (happened to me other day)
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Not that I've read on the forum. It's either Bringgo or google maps and a separate GPS unit.
My android smartphone doesn't even allow bringgo to be downloaded. I guess I'll just have to use Google Maps.
It's bringgo or no go unfortunately. I did buy it and it works great but I feel there should be options.
I found out from someone else that you can download it for .99 but that is just for a trial. You have to pay $47.00 per year to keep it. Is that true? Since I already have Google Maps on my smartphone, I will just use the Trax's wifi with google maps app if I ever need a gps. I would suggest to Chevy that they allow consumers to use other apps on the Trax besides the ones that come with the vehicle. At least it's not as bad as the Honda HRV. You have to spend thousands more just to get navigation and awd.
For $47 that's not too bad at all, i'd easily pay that down.
I was going to try it but not enough memory left in my old iPhone 4s

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