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The brochure says:5.7L/100 KM HWY AND 7.8 L/100 KM CITY
For the first 2000 Km i had my doubts, the indicator showed 13L/100km and even at times 16L/100km. I thought did I buy a gas guzzler after all. I know there is a turbo on it but does it consume that much?
Look at the brochure and at the values I was seeing!
Finally after about 1800 km the engine settled in and indeed it lives up to these brochure values. 1 liter per 14 km in the city. and yes the highway values are correct too. Something to look forward to for those still waiting.:D
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thats how it always is with new cars, you have to break them in and after a point the numbers will stabilize
luckily the dealership gave me a $300 gas card with it, just enough to get through the break-in period.
That $300 gas card sounds like the perfect cushion for the break in period. I'm glad to hear that the Trax has been living up to what GM says it should as far as fuel economy goes. So often auto companies over report their fuel economy figures. In fact I just heard of that happening with a number of Ford vehicles.

Glad to hear that wasn't the case though.
Thanks for the info.
luckily the dealership gave me a $300 gas card with it, just enough to get through the break-in period.
that's pretty awesome, is that something that just your dealer is offering?
Yes. Our GM dealer has an awesome sales crew. It looks they are turning Yellowknife into a Chevy town, they selling cars like hot dogs. In Yellowknife in the North of Canada we have only the big three: GM, Chrysler/Fiat and Ford. We also have a garage that deals with Toyota but he is not an official Toyota dealer. Many people new to town turning in their foreign cars for one of the three.
also dont forget to check out the Fuelly page for the TRAX. There are only three vehicles listed but a small sample is better than nothing...
not bad, good for now.

not sure how much more we can expect the number to move, maybe not even by much
won't much much, but the lone 2014 TRAX is posting impressive figures, he's averaging 33.8 mpg over 3000 miles. Probably a ton of highway hyper milling but impressive non the less...
that's not too bad since at that mileage it still is breaking in and could get better
I just found something interesting with Torque Pro. Average fuel economy since birth. Now I don't know the previous owner drove it but this is impressive. I'm now at about 65,000Kms+/-. These are Canadian gallons of coarse. The MPG gauge jitters between 34.9 and 35 @tm

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