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Few Details

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I own a 2014 Chevrolet Trax and have a few comments and questions.

1. Has anyone bought the worshop manual for this car or found it via pdf. I found a link for it but it is $200.

2. Has anyone replaced or upgraded their suspension and if so with what?

Things seem to be hard to find for the Trax.
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Can't answer you about the suspension and there doesn't seem to be a free copy of the service manual for download anywhere. I've tried looking it but the cheapest one requires a subscription on a sketchy looking site.

Sorry I can't help.
If you are looking for the shop manual, then its helm as you probably found out or the one I got was Alldata. The Alldata is the GM shop manual online, its just packaged differently but its the exact same illustrations and the same diagnostic codes that are lifted from the GM ESI FSM, my 5 year sub cost me only 19.99 as I had a promo with them. I don't work for them.
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