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Hi. I have an UltraGauge Blue. I am not using it and no longer want it. This is the Bluetooth version. It works well with 3 glitches:
1. I have kept the phone inside when not used. Occasionally the phone doesn't connect/ drops the signal until the phone is close to the OBDII unit
2. during hotter days, the suction cup sometimes falls off the top of the dashboard
3. During hotter days. the phone sometimes displays a 'battery overheating' warning (perhaps from the plastic cover on the back and being near the windshield)

There is a MPG gauge option, but I tend to think that is for life of the vehicle. I haven't been able to find a way to change that. Calibration is available for MPG, but I have had better luck with the MPG on the vehicle dashboard. There are a variety of alarms available

Schok phone with charger (usb/outlet) and Android OS, metal disc in between plastic case and phone, suction cup mount with magnet. Owners manual is 96 pages, saved on my computer. I'm not really wanting to print that, but I can send that by email.

Phone $130 at Target, mount with magnet $16 at Target, gauge unit $86.94 from the website. I had 1 trouble code for a bad coil, that didn't show up on this unit. Supposedly this shows some codes with the option to clear them. However, I haven't really had a need for that option. I bought this set up for gauges.

Free to whoever wants this. I will clear my information from the phone. If you're interested, please leave a message.


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