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Sometimes I counted up shifts while starting, but never paid much attention. My average MPG somehow managed to show 99.9 (which is in no way correct). I filled the tank, reset the average MPG, turned on my OBDII gauge set, and went to a friend's place. set cruise at 70. flat road boost gauge showed 3 PSI, Tach read a bit over 2100. some minor inclines showed boost PSI between 6 and 7. 18 miles out, 18 back. 22.5 MPG. Idled 6 or 7 minutes before return trip. My normal daily driving rarely gets above 50 MPH and that gets 0 to 1 on the boost. Thanks for pointing this out.
So are you saying the boost occurs all the time? I was hoping at 70 mph, unless flooring the throttle, the boost would be minimal or non existent. Wow, the turbo spins at a very high rate, how can it last till even 85,000 miles.
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