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gas pedal issues

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does anyone have gas pedal problems where the trax just accelerates on its own?:(;)
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Take a look at your mats make sure the floor mats are not touching/pushing your accelerator pedal down, this is common with oversized floor mats that are not anchored like stock mats.

Then if you have no obstructions, take the car back to the dealer to let them check the computer.
....I don't know if this is part of a joke or not but... that's pretty scary and dangerous. I would definitely take that back as soon as you can. How fast is it accelerating?
That has to be in the computer, all new cars have no real throttle linkage they run off the computer.

When you step into it, a tiny electric motor moves the throttle plate to accelerate, if it accelerates on its own its either a problem at the throttle plate or the computer.

This system has been around since the 97 model year in GM cars (corvette) and long before that it was used in big over the road trucks.
I represent a someone that was hurt by the same Chevy that allegedly had a gas pedal stuck. Did you find out anything else about this?
Completely remove the mat and take it for a drive, not as easy to look at your feet while driving unless you're in a parking lot. Some of those claims with the whole Toyota case came down to this, improper installation of mats.
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We are having this same issue with a 2017 Chevy Trax we bought new that we have had less than a year. Initially the problem we had was it would shudder when accelerating at a light or stop sign. Then it started periodically stalling. It has just recently started randomly accelerating. This has happened twice. We have had it in to Chevy service four times. They keep telling us they find nothing wrong and if there is nothing showing up with the computer diagnostics, then "the car is operating as designed." I'm fed up with this!! Even opening a case with Customer Care has not resulted in a resolution.
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