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Gm halts trax sales

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GM is also issuing a stop sale on about 2,300 examples of the 2015 Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore. In these compact crossovers, it's possible that the steering column assembly could touch the power steering circuit board and cause damage over time. This could potentially cause the system to stop working. Automotive News indicates that the automaker is still working with the supplier to get the necessary parts to repair this problem.
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Well, at least they have found the problem and are fixing it now. They were a bit late to the party though since there were 2 injuries caused by the problem.

Now you get a worse warranty and you can't even actually buy the Trax right now. :p Hopefully they get the whole thing sorted out pretty quickly.
better late than putting it off even further!
I'm glad they found the problem and are working to get it fixed. I'm also glad that I haven't purchase a Trax as yet. Good things come with time so hopefully I will be able to get the revised version :)
The inspection process is out. If the date code does not match the criteria then the vehicle is released for sale. If it does match then we replace the steering column assembly. There are 2135 units in dealer inventory.
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Thanks for the information, it helps to know a bit of what the process is like at a dealer level.
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