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Heated seats on auto-start?

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Hey community!

Is there a way to program the heated seats to be on when I auto-start my 2015 Trax LTZ? It was automatic with my Trailblazer, and I'm disappointed with some of the missing features of the Trax.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

Stay warm y'all!
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Bump on this. I was just wondering this. My 2015 Sonic had the option to turn on through radio. Does the Trax not have this or is it automatic?
People lose the owner's manuals all the time...


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People lose the owner's manuals all the time...
I didn't get one with my car. It was used. 🤷‍♂️
Above 38°F the heated seats won't come on. The whole reason for the ambient temperature sensor if yours works. Mine works when is wants to.
So going off that manual blurb, the heaters "turn on" automatically if the temperature is 38 or below? There is no option in turn it on in the infotainment center. Or do they just come on if you left them on from the last use?
What about an OnStar remote start? I have the seats enabled for turning on with remote start but seem ice cold even after the vehicle has timed out running?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts