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Hello Fellow Traxters

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Hi all,

We just took delivery today of a 2LT AWD Cybergrey Trax. While its new, my wife and I are not strangers to the Trax world having bought a Supersonic Blue 1LT AWD in May of 2013. This one just got written off. Looking forward to learning and sharing with the forum

Cheers all
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Congratulations on the purchase. You'll have to let us know how you like your new one in comparison to the older one. Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your exciting purchase. You've definitely come to the right place if you want to learn about your Trax. Tons of information and very knowledgeable guys are here for you.
Welcome to the forum!

Good choice going with a Trax. Did you guys at any chance explore other options from other brands or just went right for the Trax?
Well I did want a Suburban lol, but this was the wifes car so when our 2013 got wrecked, then she still wanted a Trax, Only this time, I insisted on a pwr seat and a better stereo as well as a sunroof. The 2015 is not yet broken in, as it is not as lively as the other one, also the MPG is different on the build sheets that GM sticks on the window at the Dealership even though nothing seems to have changed. It still does not have A temp gage, and the only problems now are 4 TMPS sensors for the snowtires which will carry over(not a real problem) and the trip odo does not work, it stays at zero. When we go in for service it will be looked at. The next vehicle for me will be a Suburban or Yukon XL, right now I have a 2004 Suburban, great truck.
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