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I just joined. I have been obsessing about the Spark for about a month. I finally got to sit in one and attempt getting in the back seat. I'm 5'8 and not overweight. The rear opening is just too awkward. As well, I had traveled to LA with a friend and my bird and luggage for a week and the 15 cu ft. trunk in my 05 ION was filled.

This trip could not have been made in the Spark. Even the ION, at 500 more pounds in weight is prone to being blown about in high winds. I cannot imagine how prone a Spark would be to the same.

Anyway it was just too small. I loved the price, the colors and the headroom in front. No huge console eating up the space. But.....

The friend we were visiting had a Geo Metro for commuting from Van Nuys to Fillmore for several years and finally gave it up as the cars around him were just getting too large and he felt it was just too small for the freeway.

I thought that was useful information and discovered that the Equinox he rented to drive to Ventura was far too big for my purposes though it was very nice.

SIL just bought a Kicks. Older bro and wife showed up in the new Versa they got as a rental, so I have sniffed too much vinyl chloride and off gassing from new car interiors.

So I was looking at the Renegade. Gas mileage is inferior. Then the Trax came up and it hooked me. Found a champagne colored one at Tucson BMW, a 2018 or 19. Built in Mexico.

I've been studying the stats. dimensions, reviews, joined this Forum. Haven't gone this far on anything yet. It may be the one.

Plus this particular one is the same color as my first really nice car an 84 Citation II notchback. Mags, dark brown metallic lower body, the basis of my purchase of my first brand new car 99 Cavalier, though it had been gone for five years at that point.

The ION has most of the utility and mileage is great. 78,000 miles, really no need for something else, but I think I want more function, ride height and a smaller size [ a foot and a half shorter than the ION ].

Anyway, that's it. I'm on a quest and joined for information and opinion. It may be months before I act.

I know. TMI. Sorry for the gassy first post.

Thanks for having a forum for these cars.
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