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Hello, just joined in search for the light in the other side of the airbag tunnel.

While driving my 2013 Trax (never crashed), I got an airbag light. When I got home I ran diags and found 2 codes, B3882 (blown tail light bulb) and U0151 (no comms with supplementary restraint system). Checked all the fuses and found the SDM B+ fuse blown (10A). Replaced it with the batt disconnected, cleared the fault and still U0151. No recent changes or repairs had been made to this unit.

I went to the tail lamp and found corrosion in the bulb's contact (these lamps crack by themselves and had to re-seal them with silicone). Cleaned that and replaced it, B3882 gone. Went to the diagram and followed the bulb to the Brake Pedal Sensor, and somehow it shares the same U0151 code in some cases. Still no joy with the SDM.

I checked every single BCM fuse (and all of the car's), and removed the center console to expose the SRS under the shifter. Removed all connectors and inspected for any bent pins, corrosion, liquids, visible damage, nada. Re-seated all the harneses and connectors leading to the BCM and the BCM connectors as well, nothing.

Cleared the code, and still there. This unit doesn't have a passenger presence sensor, nor the pax belt reminder. Currently the car has no belt reminder when you start driving and possibly no power to the Airbag SRS/SDM module.

I can go as far as removing the module, tear it down and throw it on my bench to do further testing under the microscope. I'm aware of all the safety concerns regarding handling theses modules, and the time the capacitors may hold power in order to deploy the bags in case of an accident.

The dealer wants $350 just to connect the OBD and tell me what I already know so far.

Can an SRS module die/short all of the sudden while driving?

ANY ideas or comments are greatly appreciated trying to figure out this issue.
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