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If you want to make your interior a better place to stay in during the cold winter months, Superlamb sheepskin custom seat covers will be your best bet. No other natural or man-made fiber possesses the qualities of sheepskin. Except for seat covers, Superlamb also offers sheepskin wheel covers, armrest and headrest covers, console lid covers, seat belt covers, and more.

Exceptionally soft and breathable Superlamb products are sure to make your long drives much more comfortable and enjoyable. Look through our selection of Superlamb products and find the right addition to your Chevy Trax!

Superlamb® - Leatherette Double Cap Diamond Seat Covers

Superlamb® - Luxury Fleece Medium Low Back Double Cap Seat Covers

Superlamb® - Tailormade Luxury Fleece Seat Covers

Superlamb® - Tailormade Sheepskin Floor Mats with Heel Pad

Browse complete selection of Superlamb Products here
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