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iPod Suddenly not Playing

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All of a sudden my iPod won't play - it displays on the screen, lets me select albums/songs/playlists etc. then just hangs - doesn't actually play - have unplugged and replugged into the USB - nothing.

My Trax is 4 WEEKS OLD! Not starting out well.

Any ideas?
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The Volume Up & Down, Power and Home button stopped working on my Trax less than four days after I purchased it. My suggestion is to take it back to the dealership and ask for a complete/brand new radio to be installed. It sucks when things like this happen but its better while you're covered by a bumper-to-bumper warranty.
Just bring it to the dealer and they can figure it out. They usually try to fix it first before replacing a part but they will fix it.
Is it an iPOD touch? Maybe a recent software update is the cause. Maybe try another device and see if the music plays from that?
I have noted the same issue. It turned out to be the IPod wire. I have several wires and I encountered different issues depending on what wire I used. It is very odd. The wires work for the Ipod in other vehicles, and to a computer. But I found an OE wire and that works well.
I started having problems in my Ram after the last iPhone update on my old 4s. When I have problems I restart the phone and it starts to work. Need to get a new phone.

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Seems like an iOS problem more than your phone. NOt sure what you can really do about that except to wait for the next update.
iPod Nano Not Playing All of a Sudden

May 17, 2019. My 2016 Trax LT all of a sudden is no longer playing music from my iPod Nano. Data for each song is still showing on the screen, but it just sits there and doesn't play the audio. I can advance it to the next song, visuals appear but again, no audio/music doesn't play. I don't think it's the USB to iPod cord because if it were, the screen wouldn't even be picking up the song name, album cover, etc. I do notice that in Settings, the line item for USB is now grayed out and says: USB (MTP Only). What does this mean? How can I get this line item to light up again, or how can I configure it to once again "talk" with my iPod? AND, what happened that made it do this? It's as if some invisible "update" occurred in the car's operating system,and now the music doesn't play. I just called the dealership. Service offered to look at it but said that iPod Nanos are "kind of old." W.T.H.?!!! All my music is on this device, and this problem completely robs me of any pleasure I experience driving my car.
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Try resetting the radio by pulling the radio fuse for 10 seconds.
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