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Keyless Entry Issue

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In Case anyone replaces thier interior dome light to an LED light, you may find that your keyless entry will not work right after. I replaced mine as the fob would not work. didnt know it was because of the led so I brought it back to the dealer. they spent a week replacing the moduals and key fobs and no luck. I decided to take the bulb out before they kept the car another week just in case, and sure enough, everything works now LOL!!! I since put in a differant led in the dome and still everything works. The brighter one must have been causing an interferance with the wireless signal.
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Are you kidding, guess with all these after market extras we can now buy. We need to really do our homework by reading such forums. But, would not the unlock signal be sent slightly before the dome light would also be signaled to come on ?
What was the difference in dome lights ?
The one that caused the issue was a 9LED 2835 SMD Samsung 42mm from DDM Tuning. Which I use in all my other cars as dome lights and zero issues. I just downgraded to a 6 led and zero issues.
Did you end up having to pay for the replacement modules?
NOPE. I never told GM what it was. We just called in and said that it was working great now. LOL
Lol. At least you got a new module and key fob out of this. :D
I insta inmy dome 2x12Pcs dome lights

I installed on booth sides 12LED dome panels consisting of 12 LED 5050 type (5mmx5mm) bought them on e-bay. Same in the middle of cabin. No active components on the board just resistors. No issues at all. Added new LED made of 1pc 10W LED on aluminum plate to the cargo area , since existing bulb is on the side and very often blocked by cargo there, so I put one on the ceiling. Never experienced any issues.
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