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Late Introduction

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I just saw the two introductions in the active topics page and realized that I have not posted one yet.

I'm not one for introductions so I'll just say that I'm looking for a compact SUV for when my current car finally decides to kick the bucket adn teh Chevy Trax seems like a possibility.
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Better late than never :D

What are you driving around at the moment and what about it is going bad?
Welcome to the forum, thanks for coming out of the shadows and saying hello! Good luck with your hunt! Let us know what was your final decision.
I'm driving around in a Toyota Rav4 from 2005. At least I think it was from 2005. Nothing is going bad but it's an old car and it may be time for me to move on. Also, I've recently had to drop down a few hundred dollars to repair the old guy. It may kick the bucket in a year or two.
At a certain point it just makes more sense to get a new car then to have to pay for haphazard repairs that you aren't prepared for. What makes you interested in the Trax as opposed to sticking with Toyota?
I've already driven 2 Toyota cars in my life and I want to try something new. And the Chevy Trax looks more interesting than the generic look and feel that Toyota vehicles are prone to.
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